How to Choose the Right Freeze Drying Machine

GuanFeng Freeze Dry Machine Manufacturer is your specialist in drying techniques and all your partner for freeze dry machinery

Picking a new freeze dryer requires some fore-knowledge of what you need. Knowing the eutectic temperature (freezing point) of your sample helps you pick the temperature capability of the freeze dryer you will need.

The volume of your samples dictates how large the lyophilizer should be. Small units that sit on your benchtop or console style units that rest on the floor are available in many sizes. It’s important to know what chemicals your samples will contain as well; any corrosive material will require a PTFE coated collector, and special considerations about your vacuum pump. Wouldn’t want your samples rusting out your new freeze drying equipment!

Other Variables

Depending on the samples, bulk tray dryers, clear chambers, and other drying accessories will be necessary to reach your desired result. Vials, flasks, and many other kinds of glassware can be attached to a lyophilizer for your freeze-drying process; you'll need to know which one is optimum for your sample type. The chemical makeup and material state of your samples, along with your desired level of maintenance, will determine the type of vacuum pump you’ll need.

Finally, be aware of the new features made possible by advances in freeze drying technology, such as touch-screen interfaces, defrost features, automated data collection, and end-point detection.

GuanFeng Freeze Dry Machine Manufacturer is your specialist in drying techniques and all your partner for freeze dry machinery. The great variety of drying processes enables Guanfeng to always give good and honest customized advice and help you decide which machine best matches your requirements.Please contact us or check below link: gf-machine if you have any question.